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Seismic Acquisition

    Advanced Marine Seismic Acquisition Techniques
        Dr Mike Branston (WesternGeco)

    The Benefit of Broadband Technology for Reservoir Characterization and Imaging – the End-User Value
        Dr Cyrille Reiser (Petroleum Geo-Services)

    Time-Lapse Seismic: A Multidisciplinary Tool for Effective Reservoir Management
        Mr Cedric Fayemendy (Statoil)

    Land Seismic on New Technological Level
        Dr Anatoly Cherepovskiy (Independent Consultant)

    Land Seismic Survey Design
        Mr Paul Ras (SD2I Geophysical Consulting)

    Integrated Seismic Acquisition and Processing
        Mr Jack Bouska (Independent Consultant)

    Basic Geophysical Data Acquisition and Processing
        Dr Jaap C. Mondt (Breakaway, Netherlands)

    Advanced Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing
        Dr Jaap C. Mondt (Breakaway, Netherlands)

   Seismic Acquisition Project Essentials: from Concept to Completion and Beyond
      Mr Jan de Bruin (Project Manager - Seismic Acquisition)

Seismic Processing

    A Comprehensive Overview of Seismic Data Processing Steps
        Mr Piet Gerritsma (Gerritsma Geophysical Training and Consultancy)

    An Introduction to Velocity Model Building
        Dr Ian Jones (ION)

    Applications of Seismic Anisotropy in the Oil and Gas Industry
        Dr Vladimir Grechka (Marathon Oil Corporation)

    Seismic Multiple Removal Techniques: Past, Present and Future
        Dr Eric Verschuur (Delft University of Technology)

    Understanding Seismic Anisotropy in Exploration and Exploitation: Hands On
        Dr Leon Thomsen (Delta Geophysics)

    Borehole Seismic Fundamentals and Introduction to Advanced Techniques
  Mr Allan Campbell (VSP Consultants LLC)

Surface Imaging

    Full-Waveform Inversion: Where are the Anisotropic Parameters Hiding?
        Prof. Tariq Alkhalifah (KAUST)

    Seismic Diffraction – Modeling, Imaging and Applications
        Prof. Evgeny Landa (Tel Aviv University) and Dr Tijmen Jan Moser (Moser Geophysical Services)

    Applied Depth Imaging
        Dr Ruben Martinez (Reservoir Geoscience)

    Beyond Conventional Seismic Imaging
        Prof. Evgeny Landa (Tel Aviv University)

    Full-Waveform Inversion for High-Resolution Reservoir Characterization
        Prof. Dr Dries Gisolf (Delft Inversion)

    Migration and Velocity Model Building
        Mr Piet Gerritsma (Gerritsma Geophysical Training and Consultancy)

Integrated Geophysics

    Geostatistics for Seismic Data Integration in Earth Models
        Prof. Olivier Dubrule (Imperial College London)

    Integrated Reservoir Modeling
        Prof. Dr Michael Poppelreiter (University Technology Petronas)

    Seismic Attributes and Their Applications in Seismic Interpretation
        Dr Behzad Alaei (Earth Science Analytics)

   Seismic Interpretation: Fundamental for Prospect Generation
    Mr Dean Powell (Powell Seismic Services)

Mineral Exploration

    Geological interpretation of geophysical data for mineral exploration
        Prof Mike Dentith (University of Western Australia)

    Exploring for Minerals Using Geophysics: A Mineral System-Based Approach
       Prof Mike Dentith (University of Western Australia)

Reservoir Characterization

    Microseismic Monitoring in Oil and Gas Reservoirs
        Dr Leo Eisner (Seismik)

    Seismic Fracture Characterization: Concepts and Practical Applications
        Dr Enru Liu (ExxonMobil)

     Seismic Surveillance for Reservoir Delivery
        Mr Olav Inge Barkved (Petoro)

    Geophysical Monitoring of CO2 Storage
        Prof. Martin Landrø (Norwegian University of Science & Technology)

    Rock Physics, Geomechanics and Hazard of Fluid-Induced Seismicity
        Prof. Serge Shapiro (Freie Universitaet Berlin)

    Seismic Reservoir Characterization: An Earth Modeling Perspective
Dr Philippe Doyen (Independent Consultant)

    Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification
        Dr Dario Grana (University of Wyoming)




Structural Geology

    Geology for Non-Geologists
        Dr George Bertram (Stratigraphic Research Int.)

Carbonate Geology

    Top Seals and Fault Seals in Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs: A Practical Approach
Dr Dirk Nieuwland (NewTec International)

   Geological History of CO2: Carbon Cycle and Natural Sequestration of CO2
         Dr Alain-Yves Huc (UPMC -Paris VI University)

   An Overview of Carbonate Diagenesis: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Carbonate Reservoir Quality
Dr Dave L. Cantrell (Cantrell GeoLogic and Stanford University, USA)

   Sedimentological Characterization of Carbonate Rocks
        Thomas Haines or Laura Galluccio (Badley Ashton, United Kingdom)

   Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
       Laura Galluccio or Thomas Haines (Badley Ashton, United Kingdom)

    Carbonate Reservoirs - Sedimentology, Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality Evaluation
        Laura Galluccio and Thomas Haines (Badley Ashton, United Kingdom)


    Integrated Methods for Deep-Water Reservoir Characterization
        Dr. Jon R. Rotzien (Basin Dynamics, LLC)

    More from Seismic – a Workshop on Seismic Stratigraphic Techniques
        Dr George Bertram (Stratigraphic Research Int.)

Geological Modeling

    Petroleum Exploration Strategy
Mr Jean-Jacques Biteau (retired from Total E&P)

    Volumes and Risks Assessment for Conventional and Unconventional Plays and Prospects
        Prof. Dr Alexei Milkov (Colorado School of Mines)

    Natural Fracture Systems and Fractured Hydrocarbon Accumulations, Mechanics and Management
Dr Dirk Nieuwland (NewTec International)

    3D Reservoir Modeling of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
        Dr Tim Wynn (AGR TRACS International Ltd)

    Deepwater Reservoirs: Exploration and Production Concepts
        Prof. Dorrik Stow (Heriot-Watt University)

   New Tools and Approaches in Reservoir Quality Prediction
Dr Dave L. Cantrell (Cantrell GeoLogic and Stanford University, USA)

   Well Logs and Borehole Image
        Prof. Dr Michael Poppelreiter (University Technology Petronas)

   Reservoir Model Design: How to Build Good Reservoir Models
        Dr Mark Bentley (AGR TRACS International) and Prof. Philip Ringrose (Equinor)



Reservoir Characterization

Rock Physics

     Rock Physics for Quantitative Seismic Reservoir Characterization
       Prof. Tapan Mukerji (Stanford University) 

    3D Printing Geological Models For Education, Research, and Technical Communication
Prof. Dr Franciszek Hasiuk (Iowa State University) and Dr Sergey Ishutov (University of Alberta)

    Applied Microfacies
        Prof. Dr Michael Poppelreiter (University Technology Petronas)

    Explorational Rock Physics and Seismic Reservoir Prediction
        Dr Per Avseth (Independent Consultant) and Prof. Dr Tor Arne Johansen (University of Bergen)

    Rock Physics and Computational Geophysics
        PhD José Carcione (OGS)

    Modern Seismic Reservoir Characterization
        Dr Leon Thomsen (Delta Geophysics)


    Geophysics Under Stress: Geomechanical Applications of Seismic and Borehole Acoustic Waves
        Dr Colin Sayers (Schlumberger)

    Applied Oilfield Geomechanics
        Dr Jorg Herwanger (MP Geomechanics)

    Conduits and Seals in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: A Geomechanical Approach
        Dr Dirk Nieuwland (NewTec International)

    Oilfield Geomechanics: Application to Drilling, Completions, Reservoir, Production, Geology and Geophysics
        Dr David Wiprut (Baker Hughes, a GE Company)


   Petroleum Fluids and Source Rocks in E&P Projects
        Prof. Dr Alexei Milkov

    Interpretation of Natural Gases
        Prof. Dr Alexei Milkov


Near Surface

Near Surface

Environmental Geophysics

    Near-Surface Geoscience
        Dr Andreas Laake (Schlumberger)

Non-Seismic Methods

     A Gentle Introduction to Electromagnetics (EM) in Geophysics
        Mr Jaap Mondt (Breakaway) 

    Gravity and Magnetic Methods for Oil & Gas and Mineral Exploration and Production
        Dr Yaoguo Li (Colorado School of Mines)

    The Use of Surface Waves for Near Surface Velocity Model Building
        Dr Laura Valentina Socco (Politecnico di Torino)

    Satellite InSAR Data: Reservoir Monitoring from Space
        Dr Alessandro Ferretti (Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE))




Petroleum Engineering

    Introduction to Heavy Oil: Genesis, Properties, Distribution, Recovery Technologies and Upgrading
Dr Ali Shafiei (Nazarbayev University)

     Petroleum Engineering for Non-engineers
 Mr Saad Ibrahim (Petro Management Group Ltd.)

Reservoir Management

    Value of Information in the Earth Sciences
       Prof. Jo Eidsvik (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

     Uncertainty in Reservoir Management
       Prof. Peter King (Imperial College London)

    Reservoir Management for Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources
Prof. Yucel Akkutlu (Texas A&M University)

    Fundamentals and Practical Applications of SPE-PRMS for Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs
       Mr. Victor Alexei Huerta Quiñones (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería)

    Integrated Geological Models for Assessing Uncertainties in Production Data
       Prof. Dr. Dominique Guérillot (Texas A&M University)


Training and Development

Training and Development

Mitigating Bias, Blindness and Illusion in E&P Decision Making

 Mitigating Bias, Blindness and Illusion in E&P Decision Making
        Mr Marc Bond or Mr Creties Jenkins (Rose & Associates)

Soft Skills



Data Science

Machine Learning

    Machine Learning in Geosciences (1 day)
        Mr. Gerard Schuster (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

    New Applications of Machine Learning to Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
        Dr. Bernard Montaron (Fraimwork SAS)

    Machine Learning for Geoscientists with Hands-on Coding
        Dr. Ehsan Naeini (Ikon Science)

    Data Science for Geoscience
       Prof. Dr. Jef Caers (Stanford University)


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