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Student Lecture Tour by Mr. Edward Wiarda in Latin America

22 - 30 May
Bogota, Neiva, Ciudad de Mexico, Rio de Janeiro
Call for papers


EAGE is happy to announce the Student Lecture Tour Latin America 2019 by Mr. Edward Wiarda!

This year, Mr. Wiarda will visit 4 locations in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil from 22 to 30 May 2019. Please see the dates and locations below:

 Bogota - Colombia 22 May 2019
 Neiva - Colombia 24 May 2019
 Mexico City - Mexico 27 May 2019
 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 29 May 2019

Join the 4 hour lecture by Mr. Edward Wiarda and learn more about Advanced Seismic Data Processing & Imaging. This lecture provides a comprehensive overview of the onshore pre-migration time processing sequence. In this interactive lecture, Mr. Wiarda will answer questions and present relevant examples.


The SLT in Bogota is hosted by Universidad de los Andes

The SLT in Neiva is hosted by Universidad Surcolombiana 

The SLT in Mexico is hosted by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

The SLT in Rio de Janeiro by Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


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