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EAGE Education Tour 5 Argentina

Seismic Geomechanics: How to Build and Calibrate Geomechanical Models using 3D and 4D Seismic Data by Dr. Jörg Herwanger

2 - 2 December
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Call for papers

EAGE Education Tour 5


Everyone's favorite EAGE event is back in Latin America region! We are happy to invite you to participate the Education Tour (EET) 5 in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 4 Dec 2019. EET consist in a 1-day course presented by an acknowledged academic or industry expert visiting various locations worldwide. These courses are specifically designed to appeal to a wide audience, giving EAGE members from all over the world affordable access to the latest developments in Geosciences.

The EET5 Buenos Aires by Dr. Jörg Herwanger will take place at Schlumberger Facilities.

Address: 999 Juana Manso, 3rd Floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina