Education Days Perth 2019

27 June - 9 July
Perth, Australia
Call for papers
Date Title Instructor(s)
27 - 28 June 2019

Rock Physics and Computational Geophysics (Course Cancelled)

Dr José Carcione (OGS)
4- 5 July 2019

Seismic Diffraction- Modelling, Imaging and Applications (Course Cancelled)

Dr Tijmen Jan Moser (Moser Geophysical Services, Netherlands)

8-9 July 2019

New Applications of Machine Learning to Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Dr Bernard Montaron (Fraimwork SAS)

  • Short course will be conducted in English.
  • Same short course is available in Kuala Lumpur and Beijing as well. 

Daily Time Schedule
08:15-08:45 registration 
09:00-17:30 course

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