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EAGE/SPE Borneo Deepwater Symposium – Synergy for Sustainable Development

29 - 30 July
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Call for papers

About the Symposium 

As an industry, oil and gas is no stranger to volatility. For a considerable length of time, companies in the service and supply sector have survived and thrived despite a constant cycle of pendulum pricing and bottom-dollar bids. But as oil and gas prices continue to remain low leading to fewer projects and rising job losses, it is clear that change is on the horizon.

Hydrocarbon resources in shallow water are depleting and deepwater development is the key for future opportunities and growth in Borneo. However, with few deepwater projects being executed, a greater emphasis is needed on innovative project management to improve project execution cycle and manage supply chain to meet the demanding costs and schedule. It is high time that industry stakeholders, host authorities, government organisations, operators and service companies come together and share their best practices, winning solutions, issues, and challenges on deepwater exploration and production for the benefit of the industry.

The European Association of Geosciencists and Engineers (EAGE) in collaboration with Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) are convening the EAGE/SPE Borneo Deepwater Symposium: Synergy for Sustainable Development from 29 – 30 July 2019 in Brunei Darussalam and we encourage you to bring forth your expertise in tackling the challenges of the deepwater industry at this symposium.

The symposium will provide a critical platform for speakers to enrich the audience by presenting initiatives to improve deepwater exploration success, optimum development concepts, risks and uncertainties, latest industry trends in terms of innovative technical solutions, operational excellence and commercial models for field development to address deepwater collaborative efforts and support the fulfilment of both local government and operators’ aspiration. View topics.

Key Dates

Event Date
Call for Abstracts Deadline 1 May 2019
Early Bird Registration Deadline 14 June 2019
Online Registration Deadline 22 July 2019

Facts and Numbers

 Date  29 - 30 July 2019 
 Location  Brunei Darussalam
 Expected participants  80 - 100
 Type of Event  Symposium