EAGE Workshop on Faster Subsurface Characterisation for Reservoir Modelling - Integrated and Innovative Workflows from Geoscience to Dynamic Simulation

13 - 14 November
Perth, Australia
Call for papers

A challenging oil price environment, increasing volumes of reservoir surveillance data and new technologies are driving demand for faster, more effective reservoir modelling.


The state of the industry demands highly cost-effective reservoir development and management, while technology advances provide increasing volumes of reservoir data – be it initial reservoir characterization, downhole sensor data during production, 4D seismic data, or repeat DAS monitoring. Access to high performance computing and advances in software, including machine learning and AI, are allowing much faster reservoir simulation, and hence investigation of uncertainty using large numbers of alternative models. The challenge is to integrate new technologies, from seismic full-waveform inversion to stratigraphic modeling to instrumented wells, into workflows and even organizational structures to optimize field developments and ultimately stakeholder value.


From 13 - 14 November 2019, EAGE holds a Workshop on Faster Reservoir Modelling and Updating: integrated and innovative workflows from geoscience to dynamic simulation in Perth, Australia and the challenge is the theme of this workshop, in which we hope to see many ideas and examples of how to integrate new technologies and workflows, with line of sight to achieving new standards in reservoir development and management.






Key Dates

Event Date
Call for Abstracts Deadline 15 September 2019
Early Bird Deadline 18 October 2019
Registration Deadline 8 November 2019

Facts and Numbers

 Date  13 - 14 November 2019
 Location  Perth, Australia
 Expected participants  60-80 pax
 Type of Event  Workshop