EAGE/ALNAFT Geoscience Workshop

Enhanced Oil Recovery in Mature Fields & Tight Reservoir and Deep Reservoir Characterization and Evaluation

28 - 30 January
Algiers, Algeria
Call for papers

Enhanced Oil Recovery in Mature Fields & Tight Reservoir and Deep Reservoir Characterization and Evaluation

 As global demand for energy rises and as hydrocarbon basins mature to a point of few or no remaining untested big structures, one of the main challenges facing explorationists and producer is how to continue being creative and innovative in order to successfully push back the limits of the hydrocarbon exploration and production.  This workshop aims to highlight new inroads on how we can ‘Move Forward by Exploring Differently’ particularly through sharing relevant learning on best practices. 

Our key objective is to meet worldwide experts from different disciplines, in the oil and gas industry in order to share their knowledge and experience to identify potential challenges, solutions and the best practices applicable to the exploration of the tight formation ant to field development challenges of the new or mature fields.  This 3-day workshop this will be supported by presentations of successful case studies and the sharing of lessons learned through technical discussions, communication and networking.


Important Dates

Call for Abstracts Open  15 April
Call for Abstracts Closes  31 August
Registration Opens 1 November
Registration Closes  22 January 2019
Workshop  28 - 30  January 2019


This workshop is held in cooperation with: 

National Agency for the Valorization of Hydrocarbon Resources



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The workshop venue is:

Sheraton Club des Pins Resort
Boite Postal 62, Staoueli 16101, Algeria