EAGE/ALNAFT Geoscience Workshop

Enhanced Oil Recovery in Mature Fields & Tight Reservoir and Deep Reservoir Characterization and Evaluation

28 - 30 January
Algiers, Algeria
Call for papers

Technical Programme

Workshop Topics

The following topics will be addressed during this workshop. To view the programme please download it here

1. Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
• Reservoir geology & Sedimentology & Conceptual model
• Fracture Characterization and modeling
• Petrophysical evaluation and modeling
• Geomechanics topics & application
• Well test analysis for the fractured reservoir
• Numerical modeling and simulation
• AVO and seismic inversion
• Seismic attributes

2. Development, Drilling & Completion Technology
• Data acquisition & interpretation
• Drilling Technology: underbalance, managed-pressure, short-radius
• Geomechanics – Drilling and completions

3. Production and Stimulation Technology
• Hydraulic fracturing technology
• Acid fracturing
• Other EOR techniques

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