81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019

Embrace Change - Creativity for the Future

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
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Workshop Programme

In addition to our Technical Programme, the EAGE Annual offers 20 interactive workshops, providing participants with the opportunity to gain new skills, new insights and the new knowledge that is key to developing your academic or professional profile. With a fascinating array of topical and relevant workshops to choose from, you are sure to find a programme that suits your needs. Workshops run Sunday, Monday and Friday.

Workshop Package

Want to join several insightful and exciting workshops? If you find more than one of our workshops interesting, you can sign up for our Workshop Package, allowing you to register for one per each day on Sunday, Monday and Friday. Special fees apply for Workshop Package registrations. See the Registration Page (Forthcoming) for details.


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 # Title Conveners
  Sunday 2 June 2019  
Attenuation: Challenges in Modelling and Imaging at the Exploration Scale
H. Chauris (MINES ParisTech)
F. Gamar (CGG)
R.E. Plessix (Shell)
Y. Wang (Imperial College London)
WS02 Seismic Inversion for Marine Overburden Characterization M.E. Vardy (SAND Geophysics)
M. Vanneste (NGI)
A.W. Hill (BP Exploration)
K.J. Campbell (Fugro)
E. Cauquil (TOTAL Exploration & Production)
S. Hviid (Orsted)
WS03 Multi-Component Seismic Data Processing

B.O. Kamel (Saudi Aramco)
R. Stewart (University of Houston)

WS04 Could Geophysical Monitoring Technology become Crucial in Improving Recovery in Large Carbonate Reservoirs? R. Smith (Saudi Aramco)
C. MacBeth (Heriot-Watt University)
WS05 Is Geomechanics the essential basis for physical understanding of Rock Deformation, Natural Fracture Systems and Flow Responses in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs? A. Subaie (Saudi Aramco)
K. Hawas (Saudi Aramco)
G. Couples (Heriot-Watt University)
WS06 Reservoir Computing by Neural Networks V. Demyanov (Heriot-Watt University)
A. Moqbel (Saudi Aramco)
WS07  Integration of Marine CSEM in the Exploration Workflow
J.P. Morten (EMGS ASA)
T. Wiik (Equinor ASA)
F. Miorelli (CGG)
  Monday 3 June 2019  
WS08 New Directions for Broadband Processing M. Francis (Schlumberger)
X. Campman (Shell)
J. Rickett (Schlumberger)
G. Hampson (DUG)
G. Poole (CGG)
WS09 Exploration and Monitoring of Geothermal Reservoirs

S. Buske (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
A. Manzella (IGG/CNR)
D. Bruhn (GFZ Potsdam)

WS10 Machine Learning: Opportunities and Challenges O. Dubrule (Imperial College/Total)
M. Thompson (Equinor)
D. Irving (Teradata)
L. Mosser (Imperial College)

Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring from Inversion and Joint Inversion of Seismic and Non-seismic Methods

D. Colombo (Saudi Aramco)
G. Wilson (Halliburton)
N. Cuevas (Schlumberger)
E. Slob (TU Delft)
WS12 Exploration and Capital Discipline: Can We Collaborate Our Way into Faster, Better, More? – The Triquel H. Mannaerts-Drew (BP)
C. Munn (BP)
WS13 Continental Dryland Systems O. Wakefield (British Geological Survey)
S. Banham (Imperial College London)
E. Hough (British Geological Survey)

Friday 7 June 2019  
WS14 Uncertainty Quantification in Seismic Modelling and Inversion

A. Gesret (Mines Paris Tech)
J. Messud (CGG)
P. Sochala (BRGM)
K. Osypov (Chevron)

WS15 Reproducing Research with the Marchenko Method and Inversion with the SEISCOPE Toolbox
J. Thorbecke (Cray)
J. Brackenhoff (TU Delft)
L. Métivier (University Grenoble Alpes)
R. Brossier (University Grenoble Alpes)
WS16 Induced Seismicity - Past, Present and Future

B. Dost (KNMI)
M. van der Baan (University of Alberta)
E. van Dedem (Shell)
W. Ellsworth (Stanford University)
L. Eisner (Seismik)
J. Verdon (University of Bristol)

WS17 Live 3D Geological Models, from Core to Simulation and Real-time Field Economics J. Nieto (Saudi Aramco)
M. Sarraj (Saudi Aramco)
WS18 Integrating Core and Seismic Data: Facies Mapping of Lacustrine Turbidites in the North Falkland Basin T. Dodd (British Geological Survey)
D. McCarthy (British Geological Survey)
P. Richards (Falkland Island Government)
WS19 Role of Geological Science in the Decarbonisation of Power Production, Heat, Transport and Industry
D. Schofield (BGS)
S. Geiger (Heriot-Watt University)
P. Ringrose (Equinor/NTNU)
M. Stephenson (BGS)
WS20 Shallow Gas in the North Sea: an ongoing hazard, an emerging resource or an environmental issue?
A. Hill (BP America)
Ø. Ruden (Shell Expro)


Please note that this programme may be subject to change.