81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019

Embrace Change - Creativity for the Future

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
Call for papers

EAGE Forum I: Delivering the World's Low Carbon Energy Needs

Tuesday 4 June, 08:30 - 10:30

The purpose of this session is to discuss the oil and gas industry’s role in the energy transition by meeting the growing demand for energy whilst transitioning to a lower carbon economy. When we look at the global picture, energy demand could increase by a third to 2040. At the same time, lower greenhouse gas emissions are needed to mitigate climate change. A key area for debate will be the future roles of oil, gas and coal in the future energy mix and what it means for those industries.


The debate will comprise of 4-6 panellists and run for two hours as a moderated discussion. The session will begin with formal introductions given by the moderator followed by specific questions to each candidate.


The big questions asked will be: 
• Anticipating the future balance of energy types - renewables, nuclear, coal, oil and gas in the short, mid and long term
• Impact of electrification on the industry
• What are the barriers and catalysts for change?
• Technologies for reducing carbon emissions (CO2 and methane)
- Measurement
- Carbon capture and sequestration
- Offsets
• Digital and energy efficiency
• Investment strategies
• Low-carbon products 


The List of Participants will be announced here on an ongoing basis.


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