81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019 Student Programme

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
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 Dedicated Session






Best of Petroleum Geoscience - Global Resource Development (in collaboration with Geology Society of London)
Prof. P.S. Ringrose (Equinor ASA)
Dr P.A.F. Christie (Schlumberger)
Dr R. Hughes (Geological Society of London)

This exciting session will bring together an eclectic mix of papers featuring research that has recently been published, or is about to be published, in Petroleum Geoscience. The journal, jointly owned by EAGE and the Geological Society of London, has recently expanded its remit to cover sub-surface characterization for geoenergy and CCS applications, as well as its traditional oil and gas focus. Papers in the session will deal with all the sub-surface, rock-related disciplines and will include a synopsis of the 2019 Bryan Lovell meeting on geology for decarbonising energy, hosted by GSL and EAGE.



Education in the Future
Prof. C. MacBeth (Heriot Watt University)
Mr H.J. Kloosterman (Shell International E&P BV)

The world of work is rapidly changing. Digital Technology disrupts business models and changes the way work is done. While digital immigrants need to keep up with digital natives, hierarchies disappear, and millennials and Gen Z generations feel entitled to rapid career growth in a compelling workplace. Against this backdrop, how do companies and academia adapt their learning & development approaches to respond to this changing landscape? Keynote speakers from academia, consultancy and energy industry share their views and vision to stimulate an interactive discussion on “education in the future”.


Emerging Technologies and Innovative Methods Driving the Next Generation of Exploration Discoveries on the UKCS
Ms M. Iredale (PESGB)
Dr N. Holgate (PESGB)
Dr N. Frewin (Shell)


From Rock Chip to Seismic
Dr C.J. Lowrey (Bayerngas Norway AS)
Dr M.E. Donselaar (Delft University of Technology)


What's On in Geoscience 2025? - Geoscience Start-Up Case Studies
Ms E. Piron (Pole AVENIA)

Through a few start-up case studies, the idea of the first half-session is to show how start-ups can change paradigms by bringing new technologies, transformations to traditional workflows, new approaches to management (data management particular), and so on.

What’s On in Geoscience 2015? - Geoscience Innovation Environments
Ms E. Piron (Pole AVENIA)

The second half session aims to show specific set-ups like incubators, specialized technological centers, universities, etc. whether they are company sponsored, public or developed through public-private partnerships, can foster innovation and help geoscience startups take off.

Geothermal - Techinical Advances & Cross Disciplinary Cooperation (in collaboration with IGA)
Dr M. Brommer (International Geothermal Association)





Key Seismic Innovation and  (Potential) Game Changing Developments
Dr M. Widmaier (PGS)
Dr J. Britton (ION)

In this dedicated session we encourage presentations of emerging innovative technologies within the fields of seismic data acquisition, processing, imaging and inversion that have the potential to disrupt and radically alter the way exploration geophysics is undertaken. We intend the session to highlight field trials of interesting new acquisition technologies, applications of exciting and innovative processing and imaging algorithms and applications of emerging fields in adjacent technologies (for instance machine learning and artificial intelligence) in the world of exploration geophysics. The presentations will come from operating companies, service companies, industry consortia and academia.


Near-Surface Geoscience - Global Significance,Markets, Applications and Case Studies
Dr G. Apostolopoulos (National Technical University of Athens)


Source Rocks, Seals and Reservoirs - A Whole Story and Continuous Lithological and Petrographical Components
Mr J.J. Biteau (Total)


European Super-Basins
Dr J.C. Navarre (Total)


Sustainability -  Our Business  and the  Community
Dr C. Le Turdu (Schlumberger)


Geothermal: The Entrepreneur, Business Models and Politics (in collaboration with IGA)
Dr M. Brommer (International Geothermal Association)

Recent Exploration Discoveries
Ms N. Adams (BP)
Mr A. Latham (Wood Mackenzie)






Salt Tectonics Case Studies
Dr J.C. Ringenbach (Total)
Prof. J.-P. Callot (University of Pau)

Despite tremendous improvement in sub-salt seismic imaging (WATS…), defining prospects and appraising/developing discoveries in domains subjected to salt tectonics and mobile salt sheets and canopies remains an art full of uncertainties. The megaflaps of the Gulf of Mexico, the channels in steep to overturned series against salt walls in Angola, among others, are examples illustrating the difficulties to define near/sub-salt traps. Extension of reservoirs, diagenesis and salt contact are other issues.
In these domains of poor seismic imaging, only wells and comparison with field analogues can help in the process of imaging and interpretation.

We would like to gather presentations dealing with case studies from petroleum basins and the field to build an up-to-date technical session and trigger fruitful discussions.


Petroleum Systems of the Mediterranean Sea
Ms. C. Fabre (Total)
Dr E. De Man (Exxon Mobil International Limited)

Mediterranean Sea basins play types (source, reservoir, seal, and overburden rock, trap formation, generation-migration-accumulation) and fluids in a specific area or more regionally - i.d. HC case studies around offshore Mediterranean Basins.

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