81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019 Student Programme

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
Call for papers

Speaker information

Important note for presenters:
An integral part of a technical presentation (be it an oral or poster presentation), is the technical discussion at the end of the presentation. The author should be prepared and able to discuss their paper with their peers in the audience during the last 5 minutes of his timeslot. The discussion will be facilitated by the session chair.

If the speaker deems their level of English not sufficient to have this discussion, the speaker can bring a colleague or peer to assist them at the time of the discussion as well. The speaker should indicate this to their session chair prior to the start of the session and introduce the person to the chair at that time.

If a speaker is not able to come to the Annual to present their own paper, they may be represented by one of their co-authors. Again, to enable a meaningful technical discussion, the alternative speaker should be familiar with the presented work and its background. The speaker should inform the EAGE office at abstracts@eage.org before 15 April to indicate this. Kindly use the Presenter Name Confirmation form for this purpose.

If the alternate speaker is not familiar with the work and this becomes clear in the discussion, this could lead to rejection of future papers at EAGE events by both the original and the alternate speaker.

Confirm the name of the presenter
All presenters must confirm the name of the presenter via the online form (this link; login required) by 15 April 2019 at the latest. We will process the form within 5 working days.
The form is used to:
- confirm the name of the presenter or:
- to notify us of a replacement presenter (to process this change completely, the replacement presenter must have an EAGE account or create one);
- or to withdraw your presentation.

Please note that you can only withdraw your presentation via the form!

ral presentations:
Please follow the below mentioned links for:
- The Recommendations for oral presentations;
- The mandatory powerpoint template to prepare your oral presentation.

ePoster presentations
Please note that the upload of your ePoster will not be done through your My EAGE account.
The ePoster uploads are handled by our partner, Multieposter. To submit your poster file, please go to the ePoster submission site. User your abstract submission email address as the user name and reset your password on first login attempt (select the correct option displayed on the page).

If you have any issues related to the upload of your ePoster, kindly send an email to their Technical Support Team at support@multieposter.com

To start working on your ePoster presentation, kindly download the mandatory ePoster template.

Kindly read the Terms & Conditions for the accepted extended abstracts.

Cancellation information
Withdrawal of abstracts before 15 April 2019: your abstract will be removed from EarthDoc.

Cancellations of presentations after 15 April 2019, 23:59 hrs (GMT+2) may be considered as a no-show and you risk being disqualified from presenting at all EAGE events for the next 3 years.
Extended abstracts that have not been presented, will be removed from EarthDoc.

Please note: EAGE cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, direct, indirect or consequential damage as a result of withdrawal, removal or non-removal of the abstract in any way.