81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019 Student Programme

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
Call for papers

Advertizing before and during the EAGE Annual 2019

EAGE offers participants of the conference and exhibition diverse opportunities to promote themselves before and during the event.  Increase your show traffic and announce your presence at the EAGE Annual 2019 in EAGE's magazine First Break or the Programme & Catalogue of the event.

First Break May/June

Recent surveys show that 83% of First Break readers, who visit the event, are influenced by advertizing in First Break when planning their visit to the exhibition floor.  A unique opportunity to create more traffic to your booth.  Advertizing in First Break starts at €1,375.

EAGE Annual 2019 Programme & Catalogue

The Programme & Catalogue will be distributed on-site to all visitors at the event.  It includes all the necessary information about the conference and exhibition and is therefore used many times during and even after the event.  Advertizing on the Programme & Catalogue starts at €1,275.


In preparation of the EAGE Annual 2019 advertizing on EAGE.org will give you great exposure.  Online advertizing is available from €675.

EAGE Annual 2019 App

Target the visitors of the EAGE Annual 2019 by advertizing in the event App, a tool used by visitors before, during, and after the event.  For more information or bookings, please contact advertising@eage.org.


Signpost your presence with company-specific decals for your stand.  For more information and prices, contact EAGE at exhibition@eage.org.


Get access for you and your employees to all the papers of the EAGE Annual 2019 two weeks prior to the event and subscribe to EarthDoc.  We also offer the opportunity to promote your company papers on the platform.  For more information and prices, contact EAGE at subscriptions@eage.org.

Insert your brochure in the delegate bag

All delegates will receive a delegate bag.  Inserting your brochure and/or gift into the delegate bags will give your company a great opportunity to reach a wide audience.

Insert your brochure or item in the delegate bag

Brochure <2 pages
€3,450 €5,800
Brochure 2-5 pages €4,100 €6,350
Pen €2,100 €4,000
Mouse pad €2,100 €4,000
Note pad €2,100 €4,000
Laser pointer €2,100 €4,000
Other On request On request

The company concerned must supply the brochure or item, including logo.  If you would like EAGE to arrange the production of the brochure or item, EAGE will be happy to provide a quote.  Please contact us for more information or if you want to insert another item at exhibition@eage.org.

Meeting rooms

EAGE offers meeting room space exclusively for exhibitors and sponsors. For more information and prices, contact EAGE at exhibition@eage.org.