SPE/EAGE Workshop: The Future of Geomechanics in Brown Fields and Unconventionals

2 - 3 May
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Call for papers

This two-day SPE/EAGE workshop will cover the fundamentals, practical aspects and lessons learned from heavy oil and tar mat case studies. It will include an informal interchange of technical information and ideas. Short presentations will be made by invited discussion leaders to introduce the selected topics, followed by interactive discussions so that all participants can share and learn from each other’s experiences. 

This three-day workshop has the primary goal to share knowledge, case studies, techniques and workflows pertaining to the understanding and prediction of hydrocarbon seals for exploration and production in the Middle East. These seals range in age from Pre-Cambrian to Tertiary.

Seals are a fundamental element of any hydrocarbon accumulation, and can control trap integrity, migration and charge volumes; the lateral and vertical distribution of hydrocarbons in a trap; percent fill (or spill) of a reservoir; and the flow of hydrocarbons from the trap during production. Read more here

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We are currently looking for speakers for the programme. If you are interested, please submit 250-300 word proposal related to any of the 6 workshop topics before January 31, 2018 for consideration by the steering committee.

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