Saint Petersburg 2018

Innovations in Geosciences – Time for Breakthrough

9 - 12 April
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Call for papers


1. Regional, Thematic and Scientific Geological Research 
    1.1. Regional Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Sedimentary Basins
    1.2. Geological Studies of New Perspective Production Regions
 2. Geological Studies and Developments of the Arctic Zone
    2.1. The Arctic Shelf – Technologies and Prospects for Development of Mineral Resources
    2.2. Environment Protection, Reduction of the Negative Impact from Mining and Oil&Gas Production to
           Humans, Flora&Fauna, Soils, Subsurface, Atmosphere, Ground and Surface Water
 3. Case Studies in Exploration
    3.1. Well Logging  
    3.2. Core and Fluid Analysis  
    3.3. Rock Physics and Geomechanics  
    3.4. Seismic Exploration Technologies  
    3.5. Seismic Imaging
    3.6. Geological Interpretation of Seismic & Well Data  
    3.7. Seismic Attribute Analysis, Seismic Elastic Inversion, AVO
    3.8. Fractured Reservoir Studies  
    3.9. Near Surface Geophysics  
    3.10. Nonseismic Methods of Exploration
    3.11. Design and Monitoring of Vertical and Horizontal Well Drilling
 4. Exploration & Production
    4.1. State-of-Art Software and Hardware for Oil and Gas Field Modeling
    4.2. Reservoir Modelling
    4.3. Field Development, EOR, Monitoring and Production of Hydrocarbons
    4.4. Unconventional Resources, Prospects of Development and Features of Exploration & Production of
           HTR Reserves  
    4.5. Geological Exploration While Drilling
    4.6. Exploration & Production in Depleted, Small and Very Small Fields, Low-yield and High Watercut
           Wells in Mature Production regions
    4.7. Geomechanical Modeling at Different Stages of Reservoir life
 5. Additional Topics
    5.1. Risk and Uncertainty Analysis & Economic Geology
    5.2. Informational and analytical support for the Mineral Resources Base Development
    5.3. HR for the Mineral Resources Base Development