Saint Petersburg 2018

Innovations in Geosciences – Time for Breakthrough

9 - 12 April
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Call for papers

Lectures Overwiev

EAGE offers a selection of half-day lectures to complement the technical programme at Saint Petersburg 2018. The courses are offered on Monday, with two courses running in parallel, one in English and one in Russian. Please note that these courses will be offered without translation.

Please note, Jorg Herwanger's course 'Applied Oilfield Geomechanics' is cancelled due to the circumstances irrelevant to EAGE.

Monday 9 April (09:00 – 14:00)

Applied seismic reservoir characterization
(in Russian)
Sabine Klarner
(Klarenco LLC)

Monday 9 April (09:00 – 13:00)

Tight and Unconventional Oil Reserves: Definitions, Calculation and Development Specifics
(in Russian)
Igor V. Shpurov
(State Commission on Mineral Resources)

Monday 9 April (09:00 – 13:00)

Modern Geosteering Technologies
(in Russian)
Igor Kuvaev