GeoBaikal 2018

11 - 17 August
Irkutsk, Russia
Call for papers


1. Geology of Eastern Siberia and Far East
Convener V. Vorobyev
1.1. Oilfield geology in East Siberia and Yakutia
1.2. Carbonate reservoirs: characterization problems and production features
1.3. Clastic reservoirs of East Siberia and the Far East
1.4. Geological and fluid-dynamic models of petroleum reservoirs
1.5. Propagation prediction for HC reservoirs and secondary mineralization
1.6. Well logging: advanced methods and proximity survey results
1.7. Principal results of geological surveys and further development of resources in East Siberia

2. Seismic for Hydrocarbon Exploration: Theory and Practice
Conveners A. Filichev, R. Kamaltdinov
2.1. Seismic exploration theory
2.2. Survey design
2.3. Instruments for offshore and onshore seismic
2.4. Land-based seismic
2.5. Marine seismic
2.6. Multi-component seismic
2.7. Borehole seismic
2.8. Engineering seismic
2.9. Seismic exploration: advanced technologies for East Siberia and Far East
2.10. Automation (centralization) of control and survey monitoring systems
2.11. Seismic data processing
2.12. Inversion and joint interpretation
2.13. Interpretation of seismic data: results and experience
2.14. Advances in related works (cutting, geodesy, drilling, base camps)
2.15. Round-table session: Problems related to seismic exploration (permits, licenses, approvals; client and law requirements)

3. Non-Seismic Methods for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Conveners I. Buddo, M. Kosnyreva
3.1. Resistivity surveys for HC exploration: new examples of geological solutions
3.2. Systems for data acquisition, quality control, processing and interpretation
3.3. Gravity and magnetic surveys

4. Integration of Geophysical Methods for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Conveners A. Smirnov, I. Khakimov
4.1. Integration of geological, geophysical, and geochemical methods for reservoir characterization
4.2. Best geological prospecting practices in East Siberia and Far East
4.3. Exploration and development of unconventional reservoirs
4.4. Integrated interpretation of resistivity and seismic data for reducing drilling risks

5. Hydrocarbon Field Drilling and Development SPE Irkutsk Section
Conveners A. Vakhromeev, R. Sultanov
5.1. Development and enhancement technologies
5.2. Drilling technologies: advances and prospects
5.3. Development of stranded fields

6. Petrophysics, Core Analysis and Rock Physics
Conveners V. Kolesov, N. Shchetinina
6.1. Core studies for reservoir understanding
6.2. Interpretation of well logs: background and prospects
6.3. LWD: problems and accomplishments
6.4. Rock mechanics for HC exploration

7. Specifics of Geological Exploration in Offshore Fields
Convener N. Vertash
7.1. Shelf and offshore geology and petroleum potential
7.2. Oilfield geology. Structure and development modeling for shelf projects
7.3. Advanced technologies for acquisition, processing, and interpretation of marine geophysical data

8. Business Approaches to the Project Development
Conveners R. Oshmarin, A. Ostankov
8.1. Analysis of risks and uncertainty management
8.2. Feasibility of further appraisal and project progress: geology-business balance
8.3. Project portfolio setup and management

9. Exploration and Development of Mineral Deposits
Conveners Yu. Davydenko, O. Gerel
9.1. Physicogeologcial models of mineral deposits in East Siberia, Far East, and surrounding areas
9.2. Geology and genesis of mineral deposits
9.3. Geophysical surveys for mineral exploration
9.4. Mathematical methods for processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data
9.5. Air-borne and drone technologies for geology

10. Near Surface Studies and Engineering Geophysical Methods
Convener A. Ilyin
10.1. Shallow geophysics: theory and practice
10.2. Geophysics for hydrogeology and geo-environment
10.3. Groundwater prospecting and related geological solutions for development purposes
10.4. Integrated shallow studies

11. Industrial Safety in Geological Exploration: Culture, People, Efficiency
Convener P. Didenko
11.1 Safety of transportation in Eastern Siberia
11.2 Culture of safe work in geological exploration
11.3 Ecology
11.4 Fire safety and emergency situations
11.5 Medicine

Call for Papers deadline: 1 May 2018