GeoBaikal 2018

11 - 17 August
Irkutsk, Russia
Call for papers

Geological Workshops

Geological Workshop 1

Fieldtrip GeoBaikal

Southern Baikal Region as a Model Site for Studying Late Proterozoic Deposition and Oil Generation History
11-12 August 2018

The workshop will appeal to oil & gas specialists. The trip includes land (bus) and water (ship) parts. The ship will shore along 60 km of the southwestern Baikal side, between Listvyanka and Bolshoe Goloustnoye villages, where spectacular outcrops expose rocks that store longest records of the Earth’s history. Granitic rocks near Listvyanka contain 2.8 to 3.4 Ga fragments. Northeast of Bolshie Koty Village, Precambrian schist sections give way to conglomerates with thin coal interbeds, about 170 Ma old, which are traceable northwestward into the Cheremkhovo coal basin. Huge limestone pillars, with an isotope age of 580 Ma, rise further northeast, in the Kadilnaya depression, not far from B. Goloustnoye. Neatly cut stromatolite buildups among them represent cyanobacterial life of that time. Pebble and sand exposed on the lake shore near B. Goloustnoye Village are lake bottom sediments deposited for the past million years.

The number of participants is limited to 15.
Workshop participants will be provided with transfer from Irkutsk and back, accommodation and food.

Geological Workshop 2

Fieldtrip GeoBaikal

Geology and Tectonics of the Olkhon Geodynamic Site (Western Baikal Region)
16-17 August 2018

This post-conference trip organised by EAGE and Institute of the Earth Crust (Irkutsk) takes the participants to Minor Sea of Lake Baikal, central western Baikal area to give them an idea of local geology and history of Lake Baikal, to show well-shaped folds, faults, and traces of glacial and karst activity.

Workshop participants will be provided with transfer from Irkutsk to Minor Sea of Lake Baikal and back, accommodation and food.