Fourth EAGE Eastern Africa Petroleum Geoscience Forum

Effective Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbons through Technology and Partnership

3 - 5 December
Nairobi, Kenya
Call for papers

Technical Programme

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Topics that will be addressed in the Forum:

1. Source to Sink: From Regional Knowledge to Field/ Reservoir Properties 

  • Regional Sedimentary Systems
  • Interior Rifts
  • East Africa Reservoir Analogues
  • Mixed contourite-turbidite systems

2. Regional Geology and Integration

  • Onshore geology & fieldwork
  • Near surface studies
  • Paleoclimate and Paleo-oceanography
  • Remote sensing

3. Regional Hydrocarbon Systems

  • De-risking the Petroleum System in Frontier Areas
  • Source rock analysis
  • Petroleum Systems modelling
  • Mantle Convection and modelling
  • Regional Heat Flow 

4. Regional Tectonics

  • Plate Reconstruction
  • Conjugate Margins
  • Tectonic analysis

5. Onshore Exploration & Development

  • The East African Rift System – Exploration status
  • Successful exploration: Lokichar basin & Lake Albert
  • Anza Graben
  • The Karoo
  • Onshore Madagascar

6. Exploration Drilling

  • Deepwater drilling – Technical evolutions for cost optimization
  • Drilling challenges in onshore lakes (Deepwater drilling in isolated onshore contexts)

7. Development Challenges

  • Reservoir performance prediction
  • High-angle wells to reduce well count and improve performance
  • Reducing Cost of supply
  • Petrophysics methodologies in high-quality gas reservoirs
  • Data acquisition strategies in phased development projects
  • Pipeline projects
  • Gas development projects strategies & economics.
  • Gas to power for Tanzania and Mozambique, Technologies and Challenges

8. Innovation in Technology

  • Advances in Workflows
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Technology Integration
  • Big data & artificial intelligence.
  • Use of New Technologies to Redefine Operating models
  • Infrastructure and development projects
  • Potential fields

9. Industry Applications

  • Geothermal energy and noble gas resources
  • Geohazards in rapidly growing economies
  • The current use of geoscience in mining exploration – new methodologies and/or technologies used to improve exploration results

10. Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

  • Capacity Building: Sharing Knowledge, Education, Training
  • Development, Results & Challenges in Eastern Africa
  • Strengthening East African Universities
  • Engaging local stakeholders & academia.
  • Benchmarking Local Content Success Case Studies
  • Accelerating Skill Capacity and Technology transfer into East Africa
  • Local Content Economics, Capacity building in Driving down the Cost

11. Learnings from the Past

  • Dry Well Analysis
  • Field Case Studies

12.  Project Economics

  • Cost effective exploration & drilling
  • Export challenges
  • Deep offshore project economics (also in Onshore lakes)

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