Fourth EAGE Eastern Africa Petroleum Geoscience Forum

Effective Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbons through Technology and Partnership

3 - 5 December
Nairobi, Kenya
Call for papers

Forum Overview

Recent major acreage acquisitions by IOCs have propelled East Africa into the spotlight once more, with new players gaining a foothold or consolidating their positions in offshore southern and eastern Africa and onshore Uganda and Kenya. And once more the industry is building the foundation for further license rounds and drilling activity with significant seismic acquisition programs in offshore regions. Meanwhile, continued drilling success in established onshore regions has swelled discovered resources in those areas, with the focus now very much on monetizing of those assets via major development projects and pipelines to bring the oil to market.

Expectations are high, with further exploration success being measured against the major finds of 5-10 years ago, and first production in major developments in both the onshore and offshore regions providing transformational change in the local economies. Success in these areas will require a robust and comprehensive understanding of sub-surface geology, and cost-effective application of leading edge geoscience and engineering technologies. And above all, success will require working with local stakeholders to leverage local resources and grow local expertise. Governments, academia, service industry and energy companies will need to work together to meet the challenge to find and deliver further, commercially viable reserves. 

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Forum Objectives

To discuss and progress these issues, and building on the successful meetings in Dar es Salaam (2015), in Kampala (2016) and in Maputo (2017), EAGE announces the fourth Eastern African Petroleum Geoscience Forum, to be held in December 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. The theme of the Forum is “Effective Exploration and Development of hydrocarbons through technology and partnership”. The forum objective is to provide a platform for geoscientists and engineers to share knowledge and identify appropriate technologies to fill gaps and reduce uncertainties.  We aim to encourage innovative approaches and open dialogue to improve the understanding of the petroleum geology of Eastern Africa.

Eastern Africa has a rich culture with strong links to both Europe and the Middle East. The EAGE Forum serves as a catalyst bringing academia and industry together with a shared goal. We anticipate a blend of local expertise and international geoscientists and engineers. At this Forum delegates can expect an interactive environment with presentations, guest speakers, discussion sessions and an opportunity to appreciate the rich culture that is to be found in Eastern Africa.

We welcome abstracts from students, academia and industry and you are invited to submit papers that showcase the above.