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First EAGE Workshop on High Performance Computing for Upstream in Latin America

21 - 22 September
Santander, Colombia
Call for papers

Workshop Overview

High Performance Computing has been one of the most important platforms to support decision making in the Oil & Gas industry. As a leading technical and scientific society, EAGE regularly promotes discussions around the HPC topic. For the first time, EAGE brings this important event to Latin America with the objective to learn and contribute with the local professional community.

Talented people, data, and computational power are key components in the Digital Transformation process of O&G companies to deliver real value for their business. The cooperation with technical companies and research centers enables innovation, improves safety, increases productivity, mitigates risk and reduces costs. In the last decade, we witnessed great improvements in traditional HPC for simulation methods like Reverse Time Migration (RTM), Full Waveform Inversion (FWI), Electromagnetic Modeling (EM), and Reservoir Simulation. Although we still have a huge and increasing gap between the demand for computational power and what the current technology can offer. Indeed, more data is collected, sensors are getting cheaper, the sampling rate increases, more dimensions and quantities are measured, model resolutions is getting finer, equations are getting more complex with higher order terms, only to name a few. All these factors contribute to an exponential growth for computational power. Additionally, the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in Machine and Deep Learning (ML/DL), rapidly made it to become one of the most computationally intensive application and part of the core business in tech giant companies. Unlike any time in history, we are witnessing a rush to improve speed of computation for huge amounts of data.

The main objectives of this workshop are to reinforce the best HPC practices, tools, and techniques in computing architecture, system level, algorithm design, application development, and people training; discuss the harder impediments for the adoption and the growth of HPC solutions in the O&G industry; and point the trends, and opportunities for the near future.









We will have a tour in The Super Computing and Scientific Calculation Center in the Industrial University of Santander, Colombia (UIS). Its supports and strengthens the research and extension activities of the UIS in the activities strategically developed by the research groups and the industry in our country, with local, national and Latin America region impact.

For more information about The Super Computing and Scientific Calculation Center (SC3) click here.







Date:  21-22 September 2018

Venue :  Parque Tecnológico Guatiguará
Workshop: First EAGE Workshop on High Performance Computing in Latin America
Expected Delegates: 50+
Morning Registration:  8:00 a.m. 

Important Dates

Call for papers Opens:  12 March 2018
Call for papers Closes:  15 July 2018   

Early Registration Opens:  16 July 2018

Late Registration Opens:    17 September