First EAGE/IGA/DGMK Joint Workshop on Deep Geothermal Energy

8 - 9 November
Strasbourg, France
Call for papers

About IGA

About IGA

The IGA aims at being the leading world authority in matters concerning the research and development of geothermal by setting educational standards and offering worldwide energy solutions and in-house technical support, with special support for countries in early stages of geothermal development. We connect the Global Geothermal Community, serving as a platform for networking opportunities aimed at promoting and supporting global geothermal development. We embody a wide variety of members ranging from academy to industry representatives.

Our Vision

Future global energy needs can be based on a 100% renewable energy mix, and at the IGA we are committed to make geothermal energy a significant part of that.


Our Mission

Encourage, facilitate and promote the development of geothermal resources, as well as innovative research in geothermal technologies, through visible and integrated position and represenation of geothermal power, heat, geo-exchange, cooling and other uses of geothermal resources.

We believe that geothermal represents an unlimited natural source of energy, which can play a significant role in meeting the world's energy needs of the future. It is a renewable source that provides clean energy for  a unique combination of purposes: power, heating and cooling, and direct uses. Geothermal is also unique in its ability to create additional revenue by offering multiple uses of the geothermal by-products such as health & beauty products, attract tourism and the increased interest in lithium production from geothermal brines. We are convinced that geothermal can serve as a bridge towards a sustainable future, supporting the transition from a fossil-fuel to a renewable-based economy.


Supporting Partners:

AAPG   Euroheat