Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2018

14th Conference & Exhibition

23 - 27 April
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Call for papers

Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) surveys for engineering and mining geophysics

The lecture consists of two parts. Part 1. Brief introduction into the physics of the transient process and TEM surveys. Basic concepts: depth penetration, resolution, and cover of TEM surveys. Advantages and drawbacks of the method are compared with other methods of resistivity surveys. Then transient processes are discussed for objects and subsurface models common to mining and engineering applications, and respective requirements to acquisition systems are formulated. Modern land-based and airborne systems for shallow TEM surveys are presented. Part 2. Introduction into data processing and review of TEM surveys as applied to mining and engineering geophysics. The reported evidence comes from recent publications and other sources.

KozhevnikovKozhevnikov N.O., Researcher, Geoelectrical Laboratory, Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (Novosibirsk), Professor, Doctor Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy). Graduated from the Faculty of Physics, Irkutsk State University in 1971. Main research interests: TEM surveys, geophysics of permafrost, geophysics for archaeology.