EET 13 : Velocities, Imaging, and Waveform Inversion - The Evolution of Characterizing the Earth's Subsurface by Dr. Ian Jones

China, India, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia

17 September - 3 October
Call for papers

Ian Jones' two-day course 'An introduction to migration and velocity model building' covers much of the ground that this EET will cover, as does Etienne Robein’s EET 4 course on imaging, Tariq Alkhalifah's EET10 course and Jean Virieux’ SEG DL course on FWI. However, this new EET will be a fusion of the practical industrial elements of the above courses, concentrating on the origin and nature of the geological complexities that give-rise to imaging problems, as well as a physical (rather than mathematical) understanding of subsurface parameter estimation, and will also look at some possible future directions.

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Important Dates: 
Date: 20 - 21 Sept  24 Sept  26 Sept  28 Sept  1 Oct 3 Oct 
Location:  Beijing, China Mumbai, India Dehradun, India Miri Kuala Lumpur Perth, Australia 

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