EAGE Education Tour 9 Nashville

Satellite InSAR Data: Reservoir Monitoring from Space

25 - 25 March
Nashville, United States
Call for papers

EAGE Education Tour (EET), started in 2006, they are the flagship Educational programme of EAGE and have already attracted thousands of participants. EAGE Education Tours consists of a 1-day course presented by an acknowledged academic or industry expert visiting various locations worldwide. These courses are specifically designed to appeal to a wide audience, giving EAGE members from all over the world affordable access to the latest developments in Geosciences.

On Sunday 25 March, the EET 9 Satellite InSAR Data: Reservoir Monitoring from Space will be delivered by Alessandro Ferretti. This EET is organized on the first day of the 31st  SAGEEP 2018 and will be held at the Hotel Nashville Airport Marriott, Nashville, Tennessee, United States.