3 - 6 September
Barcelona, Spain
Call for papers

Information for Presenters

Presenter name confirmation

You are herewith requested to complete the Presenter Name Confirmation form before 15 August 2018. If you are unable to give your presentation, then please inform us as soon as possible but ultimately 15 August 2018 via the Presenter Name Confirmation form.

If you will not be the presenter of the presentation(s), please kindly provide us with the contact details of the replacing presenter in the Presenter Name Confirmation Form through the above link.

Important note for presenters

An integral part of a technical presentation, is the technical discussion at the end of the presentation. The author should be prepared and able to discuss their paper with their peers in the audience during the last 5 minutes of his timeslot. The discussion will be facilitated by the session chair.

If a speaker is not able to come to the event to present their own paper, they may be represented by one of their co-authors. Again, to enable a meaningful technical discussion, the alternative speaker should be familiar with the presented work and its background. The speaker should inform the EAGE office before 15 August 2018 to indicate this.

If the alternate speaker is not familiar with the work and this becomes clear in the discussion, this could lead to rejection of future papers at EAGE events by both the original and the alternate speaker.

Useful documents 

Please follow the below links for:
- The Recommendations for Oral presentations
- The Recommendations for Poster presentations
- The PowerPoint template you may use to prepare your oral presentation
- The PowerPoint template for poster introductions (for poster presenters invited to speak during the Poster Introductions Session)