EAGE Workshop on 4D Seismic and Reservoir Monitoring

18 - 20 November
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Call for papers

Company Display Area

To complement the Technical Presentations the committee would like to invite interested companies to display/demonstrate their  products/related technologies in a dedicated “Company Display Area”.
Workshop participants will be able to visit the areas during coffee breaks, and lunch breaks, and in the afternoons following the Technical Presentations.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill in the form and send it to middle_east@eage.org


Who will you see at the EAGE Workshop on 4D Seismic and Reservoir Monitoring:

CGG_GeosoftwareCGG GeoSoftware

CGG GeoSoftware provides the industry's preferred comprehensive set of software products for seismic reservoir characterization and E&P multi-disciplinary teamwork. The GeoSoftware portfolio includes HampsonRussell, Jason, InsightEarth, PowerLog, EarthModel FT and VelPro.

The products from GeoSoftware help to reduce reservoir risk and uncertainty in seismic reservoir characterization, velocity modeling, advanced interpretation, petrophysics, rock physics, AVO, and geological modeling. Developed together, these products provide the tools for high-end, cross-product workflows which enable a better understanding of reservoir properties and how they evolve through the life of the field. 


ETLPHeriot-Watt University

The Edinburgh Time-Lapse Project (ETLP) is a mature, UK-based, research consortium at Heriot-Watt University with over eighteen years of experience in the field of quantitative interpretation of 4D seismic data. Our particular specialisation is the integration of reservoir engineering and time-lapsed seismic data at an in-depth and at a practical level that is relatively unique to academia. Our portfolio covers clastic, chalk and hard-rock carbonate fields from the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Campos Basin, West Coast Africa, North America, and Gulf of Mexico.

Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University is a leading Centre of Excellence in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience, recognised internationally for the quality of our teaching, training and research. We offer a range of postgraduate opportunities, all uniquely tailored to the oil and gas industry, in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment which provides a stimulating place for learning and research.


RCPColorado School of Mines - Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP)

RCP is US-based academic research consortium focused on practical research in reservoir characterization with 4D seismic methods as a foundation.  Applied studies integrate geoscience and reservoir engineering to predict reservoir performance and enhance field development strategies.  Field projects include unconventional reservoirs in North America, Middle East and Argentina.  New R&D initiatives explore the value and application of fiber optics, compressive sensing and data analytics.