EAGE Reservoir Geoscience Conference

3 - 5 December
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Short Course

Mapping and Interpreting Clastic Reservoirs


Mr. Robert Shoup 


2-days (6-7 December 2018) 




10 CPD points


  1. Course Overview

    This course is designed to give geoscientists the knowledge they need to find and delineate clastic reservoirs; even with minimal data. The course blends modern examples, outcrop data, and exercises to provide geoscientists with the understanding of the distribution of reservoir facies within the various clastic depositional systems so that they can reduce exploration risk and improve development efficiencies. 

  2. Course Content

Day 1

  • Well Log Correlation
  • Integrating Paleo, core and cuttings
  • Cross Sections
  • Stratigraphic Principles, stacking patterns, and Walther's Law
  • Depositional Geometries; delivery versus dispersal systems
  • Braided Rivers
  • Meandering Rivers

Day 2

  • Anastomosing Rivers
  • Entrenched Rivers
  • Alluvial Fans
  • Deltas
  • Submarine Fans

Target participants?

  • The course is designed for exploration and development geoscientists and reservoir engineers working with clastic reservoirs. 

Instructor’s biography

Bob Shoup is the Chief Geologist for Subsurface Consulting & Associates LLC (SCA). He is a Board Certified Petroleum Geologist with over 38 years' experience in basis analysis, regional studies, new play generation, prospect evaluation, field studies and development planning, drilling operations, and project management. Bob is a proven oil finder with a 46% exploration success rate (for commercial discoveries) and over 130 MMBOE discovered resources.