EAGE/BVG Workshop on Reservoir-Geomechanics

30 - 30 November
Bochum, Germany
Call for papers

As the world looks increasingly to the potential of geothermal energy, there is a clear need to better understand the geomechanical setting and the issues involved in exploitation of this resource.  This is the motivation behind our new event “First EAGE / BVG Workshop on Reservoir and Geomechanics”, which will be held in Bochum, Germany on 30 November 2018.

The geomechanics situation in a reservoir is defined by the status before any activity is performed (a priori status). This status is very hard to acquire either by direct measurements or by interpretation of indirect indicators as for instance, seismic events. During the fluid extraction from the reservoir or in case of geothermal usage (also fluid injection), the geomechanical status of the reservoir will be changed in a complex time dependent process. Those changes may as well be measured (monitored) or estimated by modelling. In any case they are dependent on the geological setting and details of the extraction. 

As the geomechanical issues are of dominant interest for geothermal usage of a reservoir and for oil and gas exploitation it is very interesting to join scientific findings of both sides in this field and discuss about future possibilities. In this workshop, specialists in the field will talk about the use of all the tools (available and emerging) to optimize geothermal production strategies. Join the First EAGE / BVG Workshop on Reservoir and Geomechanics to learn and discuss about Geomechanical issues within geothermal energy exploration!