80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

Opportunities presented by the energy transition

11 - 14 June
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Workshop Programme

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 # Title Convenors
  Sunday 10 June 2018  
Seismic Imaging with Ray and Waves - Where do we stand?
Part I: Velocity Estimation

P. Hardy (Total)
I. Jones (ION)
G. Lambaré (CGG)
WS02 Data Integration in Geoscience - Perspectives for Computational Methods

K. Mosegaard (Niels Bohr Institute)
T. Hansen (Niels Bohr Institute)


Pore Surface Character and its Effect on Oil Release

N. Bovet  (University of Copenhagen)
M. Andersson (University of Copenhagen)


Remote Sensing for Exploration - Reservoir and Environment

D. Dubucq (Total)
A. Urdiroz (TRE-Altamira) 
S. Cespa (TRE-Altamira)
R. Hall (Equinor)


Seismic Inversion into Lithology/Fluid Classes

H. Klemm (Total)
H. Omre (NTNU) 
P. Avseth (NTNU)
WS06 Advanced Geochemical Technologies: A Revolution in Organic Geochemistry

J. Moldowan (Stanford University)
J. Dahl (Stanford University)

  Monday 11 June 2018  

Seismic Imaging with Ray and Waves - Where do we stand?
Part II: Imaging

R. Brossier (Université Grenoble Alpes)
R. Plessix (Shell) 
P. Routh (ExxonMobil)


Fibre Optic Sensors in Surface and Borehole Geophysics

J. Musser (Total)
V. Lesnikov (Total)
M. Thompson (Equinor)
S. Soulas (BP)


Improving the use of seismic data for reservoir model definition and update

P. Thore (Total)
T. Coleou (CGG)
T. Cadoret (Total)
M. Alerini (Equinor)

Overburden Characterisation integrating Geomechanics, Pore Pressure Prediction, Rock Physics, 3D and 4D Seismic

M. Willumsen (GEUS) 
I. Fabricius  (DTU)

WS11 Core Display - Reservoirs of the Late Jurassic Play of the Danish Central Graben

P. N. Johannessen (GEUS)
H. Midtgaard (INEOS)
G. Dam (GEUS)


How Exploration is Adapting to the Low Price Environment - The Sequel

J. Helgesen (Equinor)
T. Dahl (Equinor)

  Friday 15 June 2018  
WS13 Surface and Internal Multiples - Lose Them or Use Them?

E. Verschuur (Delft University of Technology)
I. Vasconcelos (Utrecht University)
K. de Vos (Shell)
A. Pica (CGG)
C. Kostov (Schlumberger)
A. Ramírez (Equinor)

WS14 The Effect of Seismic Surveys on the Marine Environment

Y. Freudenreich (Shell)
K. Broker (Shell)
G. Blacquiere (TNO)
A. Goertz (PGS)
X. Campman (Shell)


Risk and Uncertainty in Petroleum Exploration

D. Quirk (Manx Geological Survey / Manchester University)
S. Archer (Total)
G. Keith (Total)

WS16 Practical Applications of  FWI

M. Warner (Imperial College London)
C. Ravaut (Equinor)
A. Ratcliffe (CGG)
F. Mancini (Woodside)
C. Hidalgo (INEOS)
J. Etgen  (BP)

WS17 Shallow High Resolution Images from 3D Seismic Data

J. Fasterling  (Total)
B. Caselitz (PGS)
R. Winnett (Fugro)

WS18 Imaging the Microstructure of Reservoir Rocks in 3D and 4D

H. Osholm Sørensen, (University of Copenhagen)
D. Müter (University of Copenhagen) 


Workshop in Geomechanics, with a Hands-on Introduction to Laboratory Tests*

* This workshop has been cancelled

K.A. Andressen (DTU-BYG)
H.F. Christensen (Geo)
M. Madland (UiS) 

Please note that this programme is subject to change.


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