What is the European Geologist Professional Title?

The European Geologist title is a professional accreditation established by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) and which recognises the ability to deliver a high quality of services within the practice of geology.

The European Geologist Professional Title means that the person who holds it has achieved suitable academic training and a level of professional experience, skill and competence to perform tasks within their professional practice. It also means that the geosciences professional undertakes continuing education and training, demonstrating commitment to stay up to date and informed within their sphere of their professional work.

The title is recognisable in all European countries and so acts as a passport to professional practice in Europe, thereby encouraging free movement of professionals.

An application for the European Geologist (EurGeol) title must be submitted through one of the EFG's Licensed Bodies which are authorised to award the title. More information about the application process is available on http://www.eurogeologists.eu/ 
In order to obtain and maintain EurGeol title, title holders must provide a record of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities carried out.


What is Continuing Professional Development?

Based on the agreement signed between EAGE and EFG in March 2013, EAGE has become the first official CPD Provider. What does this mean? Almost every EAGE learning activity you take place in has a value that will help you to maintain your EurGeol title. Don’t forget to keep the proof your participation to EAGE events which you can declare for your CPD points.

  • Here are ways you can gain points:
  • Conferences
  • Workshops 
  • Fieldtrips
  • Courses 
  • E-Lectures, E-Courses, Webinars 
  • Publications and Books

For more information, please contact EAGE Education department at education@eage.org

What do I get for attending this workshop?

All attendees will receive a post event certificate which indicates the hours entitled based on your registration. Kindly allow for up to two weeks’ post event to receive your certificate. 

Below explains the hours accredited based on registration for this workshop


Event Basic Point Hours Total CPD Credit
Workshop (2 Day)  1 point / 1.5 hours 8 hours 5 points