2nd Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining

Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2018

9 - 13 September
Porto, Portugal
Call for papers

EU Affairs at the Near Surface Geoscience 2018

At the Near Surface Geoscience 2018 Conference and Exhibition, EAGE will have the pleasure of hosting Dr Marcin L. Sadowski, Head of Sector for Raw Materials at the European Commission.

During the Opening Session (Monday 10 September, 08:45-11:00 hrs), Dr Sadowski will speak on the relationship between the European Union and the near surface geoscience industry, specifically regarding EU policies on raw materials.

Dr Sadowski will also host a dedicated session on EU policies and funding opportunities in relation to raw materials, minerals and mining, adding a practical emphasis to our Near Surface programme.

This dynamic dialogue between the EU's foremost authority on raw materials and members of the near surface community will be complemented by the presence of our EU Affairs team. 

To learn more, please contact us at eupublicaffairs@eage.org, and bookmark this page for updates on our programme.

About Marcin Sadowski

Marcin Sadowski obtained a PhD in physics from the University of Warsaw in 1994 and later worked on investigating the optical properties of semiconducting structures and materials at the University of Warsaw, the University of Montpellier, and the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Grenoble. In 2007 he moved to the European Commission in Brussels. For several years, he was a Research Programme Officer at the Directorate General for Research of the European Commission, responsible for research on advanced materials. Since 2014, he is the Head of the Raw Materials sector at the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME) of the European Commission, responsible for the research and innovation projects of Horizon 2020 concerned with Raw Materials. 

Field Demonstrations

Field Demonstrations will be held Tuesday 11 September from 15.20 – 17.00 hrs.


Geometrics will show passive array seismic for engineering geophysical studies utilising the autonomous Atom seismic recording nodes. Depending on the available site an L-shaped array will be utilized with the arm of each array being 30m long. Each Atom records micro-tremor signals and are synchronized by GPS clock. Data is downloaded via a wireless network  to a PC  for analysis to produce a shear wave profile with depth.

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