2nd Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining

Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2018

9 - 13 September
Porto, Portugal
Call for papers

Field Demonstrations

Near Surface Geoscience 2018 gives exhibiting companies and institutes the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services to a focused audience through the field demonstration programme.

The field demonstrations will be held on Tuesday 11 September from 15.20 – 17.00hrs walking distance from the venue. No other event activities will take place concurrently. All registered delegates of Near Surface Geoscience 2018 are invited to the field demonstrations, where drinks will be provided.

If you wish to participate in the field demonstration programme, please return a completed field demonstration contract to exhibition@eage.org.

Field Demonstrations Held:


DMT will show the most flexible cable-based seismic data acquisition system, SUMMIT X One, which requires no predefined geophone spacing; geophones can be deployed at every distance with the same set-up. Full data control during acquisition is guaranteed by online fast data transfer. Even continuous data acquisition is possible where GPS time is used for synchronization. This enlarges the scope of application from active seismic to passive seismic or even micro-tremor observations.

Website: www.dmt-group.com 


Geometrics will show passive array seismic for engineering geophysical studies utilising the autonomous Atom seismic recording nodes. Depending on the available site an L-shaped array will be utilized with the arm of each array being 30m long. Each Atom records micro-tremor signals and are synchronized by GPS clock. Data is downloaded via a wireless network  to a PC  for analysis to produce a shear wave profile with depth.

Website: www.geometrics.com


Geotomographie is going to demonstrate different seismic borehole sources to generate P-waves and shear waves of SH (horizontal) and SV (vertical) type. During the field demonstration, the high energy impulse generator IPG800 will be presented.

Website: www.geotomographie.de

GF Instruments

GF Instruments’ field demonstration will compare advantages of resistivity tomography (ARES II) and multi-depth electromagnetic conductivity measurements (CMD-Explorer) for shallow surveys.

Website: www.gfinstruments.cz

Guideline Geo AB | ABEM | MALÅ

Guideline Geo AB | ABEM | MALÅ will demonstrate its latest resistivity meter; ABEM Terrameter LS 2. The LS 2 introduces a new unique IP feature using a 100 % duty cycle. Meaning twice as fast data collection and double the signal to noise ratio compared to the conventional IP method (50%) using the same settings. The solution is perfectly suited for geological and mineral investigations and groundwater prospecting. Moreover, we will showcase our flexible MALÅ GX GPR with typical applications including archaeology and utility detection.

Website: www.guidelinegeo.com

Sensors & Software

Sensors & Software will demonstrate their latest Noggin and pulseEKKO Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems with powerful in-field GPR data viewing capabilities. The Noggin 250 SmartCart is an adaptable system used for many GPR applications. Our newest innovation, the pulseEKKO Ultra Receiver can achieve up to double the depth of penetration of the prior pulseEKKO systems, and opens the possibility for incredible opportunities for research and advancements in low frequency GPR applications.

Website: www.sensoft.ca


SolGeo will showcase advanced borehole equipment for engineering geophysical applications: pulsed power supply Jocker, electrodynamic source GEOSv, sparker source Pulse and inclinometer probe Inclis-DH. Apart from seismics all interested participants could learn the capabilities of radiomagnetotelluric ARMT-5 and FastSnap EM complexes.

Website: www.solgeo.it/en/