Third EAGE Eastern Africa Petroleum Geoscience Forum

Managing Subsurface Risk in Finding and Developing Hydrocarbons

6 - 9 November
Maputo, Mozambique
Call for papers

Forum Overview

Significant oil discoveries onshore in Uganda and Kenya, and world-class gas discoveries offshore in Tanzania and Mozambique have propelled East Africa from the minor league to a global leader in hydrocarbon discoveries for two years running. Continental rifts and rifted passive margins are once again at the centre of attention of the geoscience and geoengineering communities. But how can we better predict the occurrence of robust hydrocarbon systems, and in particular the distribution of effective oil-generating source rocks, often localized in deep early rift basins? And how can we improve our ability to predict the distribution and quality of potential reservoirs, for instance using better source-to-sink models?

Following recent acreage awards in Mozambique, and with plans for further license rounds in the near future across the Eastern Africa region, the scene is set for a new wave of exploration activity. In today’s low oil-price environment and uncertain global outlook, the economic challenge for success is greater. To thrive in such a market, we need to reduce risk and increase efficiency. Governments, academia, service industry.



To discuss and progress these issues, and building on the successful meetings in Dar es Salaam (2015) and Kampala (2016), EAGE announces the Third Eastern African Petroleum Geoscience Forum, to be held on 7 - 9 November 2017. The theme of the Forum is ‘Managing Subsurface Risk in Finding and Developing Hydrocarbons’. The forum objective is to provide a platform for geoscientists and engineers to share knowledge and identify appropriate technologies to fill gaps and reduce uncertainties.

The EAGE forum serves as a catalyst bringing academia, government and industry together with a shared goal. We anticipate a blend of local expertise and international geoscientists and engineers. At this forum, delegates can expect an interactive environment with presentations, guest speakers, discussion sessions and an opportunity to appreciate the rich culture that is to be found in Eastern Africa.

Local content and technology transfer are strategic aspects of the oil and gas industry, presenting both challenges and opportunities – particularly in Eastern Africa. Understanding these challenges and opportunities is an important first step towards developing local capacity and finding collaborative solutions. Today’s students represent future capacity, and are encouraged to attend, build links and have their voices heard at the forum. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.