Second EAGE Workshop on Well Injectivity & Productivity in Carbonates

10 - 12 December
Doha, Qatar
Call for papers

Technical Programme

Call for Abstracts

The technical committee invites you to submit an abstract of 2–4 pages. Abstracts should be submitted via the EAGE website using the downloadable template. Abstracts will be accepted for both oral and poster presentations. The deadline for experts is 30 September 2017.


1. Reservoir Aspects and Expectations
Characterization of carbonate rocks (Digital Rock Physics)
Advanced simulation approach for heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs
Wettability effect and alternation
Condensate banking in gas wells 
Upscaling of geological models
Rock fluid interactions
Reservoir development optimization

2. Injection and Production Optimization
Formation damage prevention 
Smart Completions
Nano technology and its applications
Matrix acidizing design and field execution
Wormhole modeling: experimental and theoretical study
Additives and diversions
CO2 / Acid Gas Injection
CO2 Injection for EOR & Storage

3. Case Histories: Success, Failure and Lessons learned
Problem Diagnosis and Performance Evaluation
Real Time Monitoring by downhole sensing Treatment Analysis
Transient pressure behavior
History matching

4. Economics, Environmental and Humanity

Environmental Stewardship/ ‘Green Fluids’
Reduce Cost per BOE by Improving Efficiency
Innovations Reducing Cost per BOE

5. Safety & Environment 
HSE management
Safety and health
Social responsibility
Prioritizing performance improvements


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