Second European Airborne Electromagnetics Conference

3 - 7 September
Malmö, Sweden
Call for papers

Field Demonstrations

Near Surface Geoscience 2017 gives exhibiting companies and institutes the opportunity to demonstrate its products and services to a focused audience through the field demonstration programme.

The field demonstrations will be held on Tuesday 5 September from 15.20 – 17.00hrs on walking distance from the venue. No other event activities will take place concurrently. All registered delegates of Near Surface Geoscience 2017 are invited to the field demonstrations, where drinks will be provided.

Do you wish to participate in the field demonstration programme, please return a completed field demonstration contract to


Field Demonstration held:

ImpulseRadar Sweden AB

ImpulseRadar Presents the CrossOver® Antenna Series – More Than Dual-Frequency
The CrossOver® series of high-speed 2D GPR antennas have been developed using state-of-the-art Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology. CrossOver® antennas enable quicker surveys with improved performance by using two channels with ultra-wide band frequencies. The extra-large bandwidth offers exceptional dynamic range for maximum signal penetration, data clarity and quality. RTS-based GPR antennas have already proven their effectiveness, even against conventional dual-frequency designs, so come and see what a modern dual-channel concept has to offer. We will be demonstrating the CrossOver® CO4080 and CO1760 antennas in push-cart and pulling configuration respectively.




Light, flexible and fast: Seismic Data acquisition with SUMMIT X ONE recorders
Ultra small one-channel remote units linking to a lightweight SUMMIT line cable at any position via the optimized SUMMIT SNAP-ON technology result in the world's most flexible wired seismic acquisition system. 

Reliable and fast data transfer offers immediate and full quality control of acquired seismic data. The option of continuous data streaming also enables passive seismic applications such as monitoring of reservoir stimulation measures. 

All in all, the SUMMIT X One combines the flexibility in field deployment of a wireless system with all the benefits of reliable online data access from a cabled system. 



Iris Instruments

Iris Instruments, manufacturer of geophysical instruments for resistivity, Induced Polarization, electromagnetics and magnetic resonance, is pleased to demonstrate it's Syscal Pro: compact and high performance resistivity meter. Specifically designed for high productivity surveys thanks to its ten simultaneous channels, Syscal Pro is the professional instrument for 1D, 2D, 3D, time lapse monitoring and water continuous surveys. Remote control available by wifi through any tablet.
The new distributed system named Full Waver will also be demonstrated. This network of data recorders logging the complete signal allows any 3D geometry, easy to deploy thanks to its cable less setup. Full Waver is designed for high resolution resistivity and IP surveys.



Guideline Geo

Demo of the latest innovations within seismics/resistivity&IP/TEM/GPR. The new seismograph ABEM Terraloc 2 for a variety of applications such as MASW or reflection survey, cross-borehole testing or marine refraction investigations. ABEM Terrameter LS 2 now with a unique IP feature using 100% duty cycle that increases measuring speed and quality of data. MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR─developed for precise location and depth of buried infrastructure. The dual-head sensor antenna (MALÅ Semi-Real-Time sampling HDR) has an effective bandwidth of 80-950 MHz. ABEM WalkTEM─efficient deep groundwater-/mineral exploration and environmental investigations.
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