Second EAGE Borehole Geology Workshop

9 - 11 October
St Julian's, Malta
Call for papers

Event Overview

The EAGE Borehole Geology Workshop aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote discussion on a multi-disciplinary approach for borehole imaging data. Comforted by the success of the first workshop held in Dubai in 2014 the organizing committee now invites you to submit abstracts and participate in the second workshop to be held in Malta, October 2017. The workshop, which consists of a one day field trip and a two day technical programme, will be aimed at the acquisition, processing and interpretation of borehole images.
The latest developments in the acquisition of borehole image logs whilst drilling has seen the production of increasingly higher resolution data sets. These high-resolution images have rejuvenated the industry’s interest for a more accurate geological characterization of reservoirs and the potential value for reservoir understanding and management. This is increasingly more important as hydrocarbon recovery becomes more complex either through the development of more complex static models or the need for IOR/EOR. Borehole image data sets are increasingly used throughout the field development life cycle. Applications of these data sets include constraining property modelling with lithofacies, electrofacies and sedimentary body geometries, through to completion design based on quantitative fracture analysis.
The workshop objectives are to provide a space for learning, mutual understanding and identification of collaboration opportunities between borehole geologists and other disciplines involved in asset management around the world. The organizing committee is especially interested to invite both oral and poster presentations from multi-disciplinary teams. This will enable discussion on how borehole image data is being used to great effect across the industry to solve emerging challenges in reservoir management.