Second EAGE Borehole Geology Field Trip

The fieldwork will focus on the Maltese late Oligocene Lower Coralline Limestone Formation. The formation consists of NS striking facies belts on an easterly sloping carbonate ramp succession. The facies show the development of several common Neogene ramp facies (Buxton & Pedley, 1989). The inner ramp is characterised by a broad rhodolith algal sequence (Attard Member) containing an easterly facing, north-south belt of patch-reefs. To the east of the patch reef and rhodolith facies, finer-grained wackestones and packstones (Il Mara Member) occur in what is interpreted as a deeper water (outer ramp) area.

The fieldwork aims to develop an understanding of field-scale stratigraphy, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and structure. The selected outcrops will illustrate a deeper to shallower facies trend that can be observed in a stacked vertical borehole section. The outcrops will also show distinct facies, geological objects and shapes that can be identified on borehole images.


Date: 9 October 2017
Time: 8:00am
Meeting Point: Radisson Blu Resort Lobby. Google Maps
Detailed Programme: Download here

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Instructor Biography

Daniel Sultana is a lecturer at the University of Malta - Junior College. He is reading for a doctoral degree in carbonate Geology at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research interests include stratigraphic numerical forward modeling, carbonate sedimentology and reservoir characterization. Sultana is the author of several publications in these fields.