First EAGE/ASGA Petroleum Exploration Workshop

2 - 4 October
Luanda, Angola
Call for papers

Technical Programme

Following the workshop’s theme, the aim will be to address some of the challenges faced by Angolan Deep water Explorers. The event constitutes a golden opportunity for geoscientists to brain-storm over issues related to exploration offshore in West Africa, including but not restricted to: pre-salt imaging, CO2 predictions, operational efficiency, the new frontier Namibe Basin, the Ultra Deep Water Congo Basin and analysis of the recent pre-salt campaign, which provided a different outcome to expectations, with possible technical strategies that could prove helpful in replicating the success of pre-salt exploration in the Santos and Campos Basins in Brazil.

 TP Program:  

2 October 2017

TP Sessions  3 October 2017 
TP Sessions  4 October 2017