EAGE/DGG Workshop 2017

31 - 31 March
Potsdam, Germany
Call for papers

Technical Programme


Philippe Jousset (GFZ Potsdam)


    Instrumentation (Chair: T. Reinsch)
Fr SR 01  09:10

High Frequency Distributed Optical Fibre Dynamic Strain Sensing - A Review
A. Masoudi (University of Portsmouth)

Fr SR 02 09:30

Advanced Applications of Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Geophysical Purposes
A. Clarke (Silixa)

Fr SR 03 09:50

Designing a DAS-system for an Geothermal Well
W. de Jong (TNO)

  10:10 Poster presentations and Coffee
 Fr SR 04 11:00

Multi-sensing Cable Specification - Aligning User Requirements with Sensor Design
M. Facchini (Brugg)

 Fr SR 05 11:20

Application of a New Optically-integrated Spectrometer to very high Precision Strain Measurements using Optical Fibre Bragg Sensors
E. Le Coarer (University of Grenoble, ISTerre)

  11:40 Discussion
  12:15 Lunch


  Session: Posters (Chair: J. Henninges)
   12:45 Poster presentations and Coffee
Fr SR P01  12:45

Fiber Optics Distributed Temperature Sensing (FO-DTS) for Long-term Monitoring of Soil Water Changes in the Subsoil
K. Susanto (University of Strasbourg (EOST))

Fr SR P02  12:45 VSP Imaging Using Fibre Optic Cable as Receiver Array in Four Wells Simultaneously at the Ketzin CO2 Storage Pilot Site
S. Lueth (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences)
Fr SR P03  12:45 Well Integrity Monitoring using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing
M. Lipus (German Research Centre for Geosciences)
Fr SR P04  12.45 Multi-station Analysis of Surface Wave Dispersion Ysing Distributed Acoustic Fiber Optic Sensing
T. Raab (Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum)
Fr SR P06  12:45 The LINES High Resolution Optical Seismometer
P. Bernhard (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)
Fr SR P07  12:45

Analysis in a High Temperature Geothermal Well using Distributed Temperature Sensing Behind Casing|
T. Reinsch (GFZ Potsdam)

Fr SR P08  12:45 Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technology in the Extreme Range of Civil Engineering
S. Grosswig (GESO)
Fr SR P09  12:45 Crustal Exploration and Monitoring Seismic Events with a Fibre-optic Cable Deployed at the Ground Surface in Iceland
P. Jousset (GFZ Potsdam)
Fr SR P10  12:45 C-OTDR based Quasi-distributed Vibration Sensing using High Scattering Fiber Segments
R. Eisermann (BAM)


  Session: Applications (Chair: C. Krawczyk)
Fr SR 06 14:00

DTS Measurements in Oil and Gas Production and Storage Wells
S. Grosswig (GESO)

Fr SR 07 14:20

New Methods in Geophysical Exploration and Monitoring with DTS and DAS
J. Henninges (GFZ Potsdam)

;Fr SR 08 14:40

DAS enables Cost-effective Reservoir Monitoring Onshore and Offshore
S. Grandi (Shell)

  15:00 Coffee break
Fr SR 09 15:30

DAS and its Coupling for VSP Applications using Wireline Cable
S. Schilke (Mines Paris Tech / Schlumberger)

Fr SR 10 15:50

Distributes Fibre-optic Strain Measurements in Geotechnical Applications - Capabilities and Challenges of Brillouin Sensing
N. Nöther (Fibris Terre)

Fr SR 11 16:10

Spatial Wavefield Gradient Data in Seismic Exploration
C. Schmelzbach (ETH)


  Session: Discussion and Conclusion (Chair: P. Jousset)
  16:30 Discussion
  16:45 What are the steps forward?
  17:15 End