Student Lecture Tour Europe: Freiberg University

Colour Perception and its Role in Seismic Interpretation

30 - 30 November
Freiberg, Germany
Call for papers

Student Lecture Tour Europe

The EAGE Student Chapter in the Freiberg University is happy to host the EAGE Student Lecture Tour (as webinar) by Dr Gaynor Paton. 

During the 1.5 hour webinar Dr Paton will cover the topic Colour Perception and its Role in Seismic Interpretation.
Seismic interpretation is a key part of the analysis involved in understanding a petroleum reservoir system. Seismic data gives us information about the regional setting, the depositional system, the tectonic history, as well as detailed information about the reservoir itself, aiding understanding of volumetrics, compartmentalization and heterogeneity within reservoir units. Being able to see this information easily, and extract it in a form that can be taken through the subsurface workflow is a fundamental part of seismic interpretation. Read more.. 

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