Student Lecture Tour & Webinar Africa: University of Lagos

Electromagnetic Methods for Near Surface Geophysics

24 - 24 November
Lagos, Nigeria
Call for papers

Student Lecture Tour and Webinar Africa

The EAGE Student Chapter in the University Lagos is happy to host the EAGE Student Lecture Tour by Dr Hesham ElKaliouby followed by a Student Webinar by Jose Carcione at the Mountain Top University in Lagos. 

During the 3 hour lecture Dr ElKaliouby will cover the topic Electromagnetic Methods for Near Surface Geophysics.
This student lecture will review the principles of frequency and time-domain electromagnetic techniques and their applications through some case studies from applied research projects, which implemented the electromagnetic induction methods for near surface-related problems with a focus on the application of these techniques in environmental and engineering studies. Read more..

This 1 hour webinar briefly outlines the physics and simulation of wave propagation in anisotropic, anelastic and porous media, including the analogy between acoustic waves (in the general sense) and electromagnetic waves. The emphasis is on geophysical applications for seismic exploration, but researchers in the fields of earthquake seismology, rock physics, and material science – including many branches of acoustics of fluids and solids (acoustics of materials, non-destructive testing, etc.) – may also find the presentation useful. Read more..

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