Geological Boot Camp 2017

27 August - 1 September
Tremp, Spain
Call for papers

About the Boot Camp


The Geological Boot Camp provides participants with an overview of integrated play modelling as typically used for exploration and development of georesources. Geological models will be constructed almost directly at the outcrop face. Most of the input data required will be measured directly in the outcrop, and the others will be supplied in the form of seismic sections and well logs.

The camp familiarizes participants with the identification of different plays in the area and will focus on the Cretaceous play to go through a PBE exercise: making play element maps of structures, reservoir, seal and source rock, and come up with a final Cretaceous play map. In addition, participants have to make a volumetric estimate of an anticline. Conceptual reservoir model are constructed within the exposed reservoir itself.
Uncertainty of all data sets is assessed and alternative models are considered. Quality Control of data versus interpretation is an integral part of the course. Strong emphasis is put on stratigraphic correlation framework. Property modelling and volumetrics are carried out as team exercise. Team interaction is a fundamental component of this course.
Participants will have to translate the data on a map. Source rock and charge data have to be presented on the last but one day. In their final presentation, the students have to identify the main exploration risks of the Tremp area and compare this with southern prolific hydrocarbon province in France. Spot the differences.

The best results and their presentations will be awarded during the course dinner. The best projects will be invited to present their findings at ICGC on the last day.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have a robust knowledge of the integrated modelling process. The difference between data and interpretation and the importance of constant quality control will be evident. Participants will have experienced the entire play modelling process, hands-on.