EAGE-BVG Workshop on Detailed Exploration of Carbonate Reservoirs

15 - 15 September
Munich, Germany
Call for papers

Carbonate layers are important geological reservoir targets in the geothermal and in the hydro-carbon industry. However, interpretation of carbonate deposits in the subsurface is challenging due to its heterogeneous character (lateral facies changes, karstification, dissolution features) and is often being hard to (seismically) image. From a production perspective, a porous and permeable carbonate reservoir is often a result of large-and small-scale fractures. Due to the less predictable nature of fractures and fracture networks it remains difficult to de-risk the exploration portfolio based on a few case studies alone. 

This workshop intends to offer a learning curve to Geoscientists from both Industries by sharing their respective knowledge-base in Carbonate Exploration. There will be seismic experts from the Oil and Gas Industry showing workflows and lessons learned in Seismic Interpretation of challenging reservoirs, geologists from R&D departments and geoscientists from the Geothermal Industry illustrating sophisticated exploration methods that have been developed to describe and map effects of carbonate uncertainty in the subsurface. 


Important Dates   
Date 15 September 2017 
Place  Munich, Germany 
Type  Workshop