Please find here below the FAQ's regarding login.

How can I log in the new EAGE website?

To login please click on the "my EAGE" button on the right side of the EAGE website.

Enter your preferred email address and password, as most recently provided by EAGE or changed by yourself in the meantime.

Why can't I log in with my previously set log in name or M-number?

Since March 2017 you will need to log in by using your preferred email address and password.
Your username as set before that time is therefore no longer valid as login username.
Your membership number is still valid but no longer used as username.

What is my login email?
Your login email is your preferred email address, as most recently provided to EAGE.
What is my password (Forgot my password)?

All EAGE contacts with a login account before March 2017 have received an email from EAGE with their new (temporary) password. Please use this password for your login.
If you did not receive this message but did have a login account with EAGE, please contact us through membership@eage.org explaining the situation.

Should you simply not remember your password, please request a password reset through the "I cannot login" link.

I did not receive an email with my new log-in / password

If you haven't receive an email from EAGE with your login details, please check the spam folder in your mailbox.
If you still cannot find the message but did have a login account with EAGE, please contact us through membership@eage.org explaining the situation.

I want to change my preferred email address or password

You can change your preferred email address and password after logging in to your EAGE account.
In the Member portal you can make the change through the "Update Account" module.

How can I log in for access to journal articles and event papers?

The websites of EarthDoc and the several EAGE journals (First Break, Geophysical Prospecting, Petroleum Geoscience, Near Surface Geophysics, Basin Research) are currently not yet live on the new EAGE website environment.

Therefore please go to www.eage.org and log in to your EAGE account.
Go to "Maintain Account" through your dashboard and change your password (you can change this back later on if you wish).
The password reset will trigger your new login details to be synchronized with EarthDoc* within 10 minutes.
You are successfully logged in on EarthDoc when you see at the top right corner "You are logged in with your EAGE account".

*...and other journal websites...

Can I change the password or My EAGE details of my manager or another colleague?
No. Login credentials are on a personal basis. For privacy and security reasons, every contact/member should reset his/her password.
Why did EAGE change the log-in procedure? (It worked fine)
EAGE has been working on upgrading the eage.org website to improve performance and services for the members and visitors. Therefore the login procedure has been updated to improve security as well.

Video: I cannot log in