Regional Newsletter Africa

Regional Manager: Raymond Cahill
EAGE is working on establishing a foothold in Africa, in the coming years we will be work closely with industry and local associations to support their activities and to bring EAGE's opportunities to a wider audience. With membership being stagnant in Africa for the past several years, EAGE will make a very strong effort to build on its current members as a key goal for the year ahead. With the first regional newsletter Africa EAGE wishes to support this goal.  

  • Publication date*: second and fourth quarter of every year
  • Estimated circulation: 1,750 (750 hard copies / 1,000 digital)
  • Bonus distribution**: All main events in the region
  • Target audience: Geoscientists and specialists from the industry who reside in or are otherwise interested in Africa

Read the latest Regional Newsletter Africa (Issue 1 - 2017) below:

 Issue 2 - 2017


Distribution & Advertising 

If you are an EAGE member, you will receive a printed copy of your regional newsletter together with First Break. For advertising possibilities in the Regional Newsletters, see the Advertising page or contact our Account Manager Advertising

* Please note that the publication schedule is only a guideline and is liable to change without notice.
** For a complete and up-to-date overview, please check the calendar of events.