Young Professionals present winning research in Italy

We are happy to report the winners of the YP "Licio Cernobori" Prize announced on 15 November at the 38th GNGTS Congress in Rome. The Prize consists of 3 grants for researchers below the age of 35 presenting at the Congress, to which the EAGE-SEG Italian Section contributes every year as part of their mission to promote geophysical science and training in Italy.

The winners were awarded in 3 categories:

Federica Sparacino
Sparacino, M. Palano, J.A. Peláez, Insight on seismic hazard of the Ibero-Maghrebian region from seismic and geodetic moment-rates comparison

Seismic characterization
Mariano Angelo Zanini
M.A. Zanini, L. Hofer, F. Faleschini, K. Toska, C. Pellegrino, Seismic risk breakdown at the territorial level based on results from seismic risk maps of Italy

Applied Geophysics
Dora Francesca Barbolla
F. Barbolla, M. Fedi, S. Negri, CWT analysis of geo-electrical data

Congratulations to all! For more details and the announcement of the 2020 YP "Licio Cernobori" Prize, make sure to connect with the EAGE-SEG Italian Section, the meeting point for Italian applied geophysicists for EAGE and SEG members.