Student competition to show the way on meeting the environmental challenge

There is no doubt now that oil companies worldwide have taken note and are actively working towards becoming greener in their existing and planned operations. But much of our future environment will of course be determined by a new generation of geoscientists making their way into the industry.

This is why EAGE in association with sponsors Total and Equinor have introduced the Minus CO2 Challenge student competition. For the winning team, the prize will be paid travel, room and board to our Annual Conference in London, 3-6 June 2019.  There will also be a second expenses paid trip to present the winning solution at our flagship Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition in September 2019 in the Netherlands.

The first step in being effective in any sphere of activity is to understand the problem and to be able to formulate a sound plan. And that’s what will be the challenge for students. They will have the opportunity to pit their wits against other creative young minds at some of the best universities and institutes around the world and come up with exciting solutions.


Students will be given an offshore field to develop (a real field with real data, not a hypothetical construct). They will be invited to formulate a production strategy to reduce the development’s carbon footprint to less than neutral. In other words, the operation should have the net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it?

In parallel, the issue will be how to produce hydrocarbons commercially to sustain strong per capita economies and social infrastructures in Europe, indeed in the world? The mantra should be that respectful extraction of hydrocarbons helps fuel the energy transition upon which the EAGE is very much focused and creates a professional future for our young geoscientists and engineers.

The competition is being made possible through EAGE’s Green Fund to which half of our membership makes a contribution. We are receiving further generous sponsorship from TOTAL with support from Equinor which this year has offered to provide real-world data sets to make the whole exercise truly representative and meaningful.

The best teams will be invited to visit Equinor’s operations centre in Aberdeen There they will be able to meet its technical staff and review existing and future offshore operations which are committed to meeting the environmental challenges which the resources industry faces today.  

Needless to say EAGE is excited to be staging this competition. You can learn more about the Minus COChallenge by visiting the Student website.