EAGE Local Chapter Paris and IPGP Paris Launch Hackaton

EAGE is proud to announce a new joint initiative between our own Local Chapter Paris and the Digital Geoscience Team at IPGP Paris, that will work to tackle some of the problems related to digitalization within the subsurface software stack.

DigitalGeoHack is the first event of its kind organized directly by EAGE volunteers. Taking place 15-16 November 2019 at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris this 'Hackaton' brings together multiple communities: LC Paris and local EAGE members as well as the brand new EAGE Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group, not to mention several of our excellent EAGE Young Professionals!





The Hackton will tackle two main questions: 

  • How can we use cutting edge machine learning and visualization techniques to extract new information about the subsurface?
  • How can we use such processes to automate typical processes in geosciences industry end-to-end?

The organizers wish to involve researchers and engineers from a broad range of fields; data engineers, data scientists, petroleum engineers and geoscientists. Both geophysicists and computer experts are welcome. Some experience in writing code will be certainly helpful, but beginners are also encouraged to join.

This important event marks yet another of EAGE's forays into the fascinating and crucial topic of digitalization. Already this year we hit a milestone with our Digital Transformation Area at the EAGE Annual 2019 in London, and we can look forward to further breakthroughs, with the Fourth EAGE Workshop on High Performance Computing for Upstream in the Middle East coming up this October, and our First Digitalization Conference and Exhibition, EAGE Digital, launching April 2020. Fore more information, stay tuned to EAGE.org!