Check out new EAGE videos providing Presentation Advice

Presenting to a live audience, whether they are a small group of colleagues or dozens of people at the EAGE Annual Conference, is something learned from experience. It’s experience that many students and young professionals have not yet had.

Whether it’s your first time presenting, or your first time presenting in a language that is not your mother tongue, EAGE wants to help you gain that experience.

That is why EAGE has made six short videos to help you on your way. Six seasoned presenters share their experience and advice on preparing presentations, on how to capture and how to keep the audience’s attention and on what they have learned over the years. The videos address different questions and situations, so whatever your concern, the answer is here.

The first video is the trailer and introduces all speakers with a short ‘soundbite’. The speakers are from a variety of backgrounds but they have in common that they are all active in one way or another within EAGE, the world’s largest multi-disciplinary geoscience and engineering society. We are delighted that they have shared their advice and experience with you in this new EAGE video series!


If you enjoyed this video, please keep an eye out for the following videos. They will be posted on a regular basis on the EAGE YouTube Channel. All in time for the Annual Conference in June!